Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: Kouing-Aman From Les Madeleines in Salt Lake

These are simply delicious !!!
My mom, sister and I decided to visit restaurants in Salt Lake that had been featured on the food network channel, so we stopped at Les Madeleines on 216 East 500 South and bought one of these. They are 5.00 each, I thought that was a little pricey for a dessert but it is worth every penny!!! I wish I knew how to make these, I might give it a try next week, if it works out I'll post the recipe. I recommend if your in town you pick up one of these. I wish I had one right now!


  1. It is a really yummy pastry dessert with a super weird name.

  2. It looks bland and boring, but it is sweet, flaky, layery pastry with a kind of crunchy outside. So good.