Monday, September 20, 2010

Review Of Some Frozen Foods

I didn't have time to cook the other night so I decided to try some P.F.Chang's Frozen Orange Chicken. This looked tolerable at the store but sadly it is disgusting.  If you really want some orange chicken and don't want to make it, Costco's (I can't remember the brand) frozen orange chicken was pretty good.
I also tried Marie Calendars Steamers. I have had several different varieties of these before and I was pretty impressed by them. They are way more delicious than the regular Marie Calendars frozen foods, which are ok. So I highly recommend these. This penne garlic chicken was really delicious.


  1. Thanks for the review I was actually thinking about getting this last time I was at the store.

  2. I was seriously disappointed by the pf chang's too. But I eat the steamers at work for lunch all the time. Different brands make the same type of thing, not all are good but in general I like the steamers way better than regular frozen meals.