Monday, February 25, 2013

French Dip Sandwich

These are not your Mamas French Dip! I always wanted to use that phase, I don't know why it is such a silly phase. These may look  normal but they are much much more! And of course how can you have French Dip Sandwiches without homemade french fries! Yum my mouth is watering already!

1 Loaf French Bread
(I like to get the ones with seasonings on top, like "everything" or "garlic")
Deli Roast Beef 
(I get mine cut as thin as humanly possible)
Cream Cheese
Deli Sliced Cheese
(I like to use muenster and Swiss together)
1 Pkt. Au Jus dry mix
(I use Mcormick brand)

  1. Make Au Jus sauce use only 2 cups water instead of the 3 it calls for
  2. Cut your bread into 5 inch sections and cut in half. Scoop out some of the bread in the middle
  3. Spread a layer of cream cheese on one side of the bread. 
  4. Put a piece of cheese on both top and bottom of bread
  5. Toast Bread, not too much or it gets to crusty.
  6. Put as much meat as you want inside
  7. Yum Yum Yum, serve with Au Jus and home made french fries sprinkled with season salt.

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