Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brownies with Cream and Strawberries

These little delicious bites are one of my favorite desserts!!! And I do love my desserts. I think this came from pampered chef but I'm not sure. I had them when a neighbor made them. Try serving these anywhere and you will not come home with any so you better save some at home for later.

1 pkg Brownie Mix
2 Squares White Chocolate or 1/4c white chocolate chips
8oz Cream Cheese, room temperature
1/4c powdered sugar
1c Cool Whip, thawed
1 carton strawberries, thickly sliced
Tiny Muffin Tin

  1. Make brownie mix as directed.
  2. Thoroughly spray each hole with non-stick spray .
  3. Fill each tiny muffin hole 3/4 full.
  4. Bake at 325 for 14 minutes.
  5. Right when you take them out use a spoon or something to push down the middle of each brownie. You are making room for the filling.
  6. Remove brownies onto a plate, be careful they like to fall apart. If they do just squish them back together.
  7. While the brownies are baking melt the white chocolate in a medium size mixing bowl.
  8. Once melted mix in cream cheese and powdered sugar.
  9. Fold in cool whip.
  10. Put "frosting" in a piping bag or you can use a Ziploc bag with a hole cut in corner
  11. Pipe frosting into each brownie.
  12. Slice up strawberries and place one slice on top of the frosting.  Viola you have a beautiful delicious dessert fit to serve Queen Elizabeth.

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